Jim Mantle's 1968 AMX Drag Car

This is the fastest AMC running in western Canada. If you know of one faster, please send an email with pictures and specs.

This car has run a best of 8.86 ET at 149.6 MPH. Specs are as follows:

Alston ladder bar chassis
401 AMC, .030 over
13.3:1 Arias pistons
6" GRP aluminum rods
Stock crank, internally balanced
Comp Cams roller cam and kit
1.6:1 Crane aluminum rocker arms
1970 "319C" heads, ported
2.10 / 1.71 Manley valves
Milodon gear drive
950 CFM Holley alcohol carb
Edelbrock Torker manifold
904 Torqueflite with transbrake
8" TCS convertor, 5000 stall
9" Strange (Ford) rear end, 4.57 gears
Weight - 2100 lbs less driver